The Portesi Difference

Portesi's Thin crust pizzas ​have the same fresh, quality toppings as all Portesi products.  The big difference is these toppings go on top of a fully baked thin crust and is then frozen before being packaged and labeled.  Visually you can see the fresh shredded mozzarella cheese covering the entire pizza, there is no exposed edge.  Thin crust pizzas are available in both 9" and 12"


The 'Oven Fresh' Original Style pizza is the same pizza as when George Portesi had his restaurant.  The fresh yeast-dough crust is rolled out, topped off by hand and then partially baked in a 600 degree oven to seal in the oven fresh flavor.  You can see the melted cheese and the traditional crust around the outside of this pizza.  Available in 11", 12" and 14" sizes.