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12" Oven Fresh Original Style

The original pizza and  that Portesi's began making when it was served fresh to patrons at the different restaurants in which George Portesi prepared his special recipe.


These pizzas are different than any other frozen pizza on the market, created as if they were made in a restaurant and going to be served fresh out of the oven. The only difference is that they are only partially baked, and then frozen. The customer finishes baking the pizza as the yeast dough crust rises slightly at home to complete that fresh pizza taste for their family.


11" Oven Fresh Original Style

Thin Crust



Cheese fries are Portesi's version of garlic bread with cheese ... in the shape of a pizza. This cheesy item is baked just as a pizza and then cut into strips and dipped into a warmed tomato sauce which is included.


Portesi's makes Cheese Fries in two styles: Thin & Crispy and the Hi-Rise Cheese Fries, which rise and have a thicker, breadier taste. Both are delicious and can be served as an appetizer, side dish, main dish or snack. Kids of all ages really enjoy Cheese Fries, whether they are 1 or 91.

Italian Specialties

From Portesi's restaurant background come many other great things from the Italian kitchen: Cheese Pizza, Vegetarian Pizza, Spaghetti Sauce with Meat, and Italian Seasoning.


The most noteable specialty is the spaghetti sauce. Another of George Portesi's wonderful recipes, this sauce is full of ground meat and special seasonings. Only produced in small batches, it is made mainly for two restaurants which continue to carry George's items, long after he has passed on. Excess amounts are packaged, frozen and sold in grocery stores, another one of those homemade items which customers can finish at home. 

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Cheese & Pepperoni

Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza Available in 9" & 12" sizes